Aerial Consultants

 Drone Mapping Services & Consulting Company

Project Photos



Let our team come out and take professional ground-based and aerial pictures of your project. Whether showing off to a potential tenant or investor or pictures for your website. We will shoot, edit, and publish with a 48-hour turnaround.

Project Video

green street grab.JPG

Share your project in its existing or future state. We have the team and equipment to use the power of video to share what the property or project is all about. 

3D+2D Mapping

Non-Geo referenced &


3d model_edited.jpg

Utilize the power of photogrammetry to inform and assist with different phases of your construction or real estate development process. 

360 Photos

01-8192 (1).jpg

Gain perspective and orientation while viewing the surrounding environment with 360 photos.


Aerial + Mobile

lidar grab.JPG

Capture Lidar with more detail and speed than ever possible. We work with our partner Aerial Insights to preform Aerial Lidar and Moblie Lidar.


Tom's Story

My name is Tom Herbig. I have been in the drone/mapping/video/geospatial industry for 7 years. I work with the best and newest equipment in the industry. My team and I are here to help you capture the best data with the best equipment and SOP we ensure safe, reliable, and top quality product and service every time!