Are you trying to tell a story of progress or a completed project? Help potential clients and/or investors understand your vision or progress on your site. We have a team just for video that uses the best equipment and techniques.

Project Flow

1) An initial conversation about what you would like to get across to a potential client or investor.

2) We send you a video proposal describing the cost, timeline, and how the video will "flow"

3) We talk about the proposal and make any changes or additions. 

4) Shoot the video over one day or the duration of the project.

5) Deliver the first Edit, Get feedback, Deliver Finial Video

Armory Transition

Using a mixture of old footage, new footage, animations, graphics, and renderings. We are able to help Green Street tell the story of the work done and the work to come in this historic Mid-Town St. Louis Building. 

River City Safe From Flood

We captured a property for Green Street to help ensure customers that the property will be safe from floodwater, even during historic flooding. Overlaying graphics to help show viewers potentail site layouts. 

EFS - Solar Mockup

EFS Energy came to us wanting to help a potential client see their vision of solar installation on the client's building. Using the information provided by EFS, drone footage captured by our team and motion tracking graphics. We were able to superimpose solar panels on the building of interest.